Cork Wine Charms. Set of 12 - Wine Glass Charms - Cork & Leaf

Cork Wine Charms. Set of 12

This set of 12 all-natural wine glass charms are made of 100% genuine cork and colorful wood beads with 12 different fun and flirty sayings: "I am the party", "Pour me some wine", "I'll drink to that", "Wine not", "Wine oh!", "Save water," "Drink wine",  "Put a cork in it",  "Wine me up", "Not yours", "LIquid therapy", "Got wine", "Pour decisions".

When entertaining your family and friends will have fun choosing their favorite drink charm for the event.

These easy to use hoops work with most stemware including champagne flutes, goblets, martini, and margarita stem glasses. Simply grab both ends of the ring and gently pull apart to hook or unhook on the stem of the glass.

This handmade set of drink markers are elegantly gift packaged in a kraft box and tied with all-natural jute twine. All product and packaging are made of eco-friendly materials.

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