23.6" X 3.9" X 20.7" 4 Pcs Antique Mirrors

A Set Of Four Hexagons Can Be Hung Together In Any Pattern To Create A Lovely Display. Stunning In Multiples To Create A Large Scale Piece Of Mirrored Wall Art. The Open Frame Sets Away From The Wall To Give Added Depth And Dimension.***Product 1 Dimensions: 23.6x3.9x20.7***Product 2 Dimensions: 19.7x3.5x17.3**Product 2 Weight: 2***Product 3 Dimensions: 15.9x3.1x13.8**Product 3 Weight: 2***Product 4 Dimensions: 11.8x2.8x10.4**Product 4 Weight: 2

Product Height 20.7 x Product Width x 23.6 Product Depth 3.9

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